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     Duct Access Doors. As a building owner, the new fire and smoke damper inspection requirements create further challenges for existing duct construction methods. More specifically proper access to these dampers. It is next to impossible to properly maintain your fire and smoke dampers unless you have adequate access to them. NFPA 80(2013) 19.2.3 Access states Dampers equipped with fusible links, internal operators, or both shall be provided with an access door that is not less than 12 in. (305mm) square or provided with a removable duct section.

     Working through an access door causes poor quality inspections that increase your exposure to lawsuits. By installing a Sure•Clamp™ Access, a technician is able to properly inspect your dampers for mandatory requirements while taking less time to make these inspections. This removable duct section allows the technician to comply with the maintenance requirements of Section 19.5 of NFPA 80(2013). Reduce your costs and maintain your compliance by demanding Sure•Clamp™ Access be installed in your HVAC system.


        Langdon, Inc. is a sheet metal fabricating company that has been making ductwork and related products since 1966. Our company operates out of a 50,000 square-foot sheet metal facility in Cincinnati, Ohio with a capacity of quarter-inch plate to 26 gauge metal. We stock 500,000 pounds of material at all times, and have the latest in automated machinery for ductwork fabrication.

      Langdon offers rectangular, round, oval and spiral ductwork made from a wide variety of materials, including galvanized, galvanneal, stainless steel, aluminum and PCD coated. Langdon has the ability to construct industrial ductwork used in exhaust, dust-collection and air-pollution control system. Our employees are certified in all related and necessary welding procedures, whether it's MIG or TIG.

       Langdon also makes specialty items such as machine-belt guards, electric control panels, sound attenuators, louvers and roof curb, among other products. As a manufacturer, Langdon has built a reputation of knowledge and integrity. Langdon’s engineering and estimating departments work on all size projects. We have the ability to design and engineer unique, custom applications based on customer specifications. In such cases, Langdon researches the product and makes recommendations concerning any problems that may arise. Langdon has patented ductwork connections and manufacturing processes and has component parts, including such products as Sure Seal Spiral a self-sealing spiral ductwork system.

      Another new innovative product is Sure Clamp Spiral a clamp together spiral system. Langdon has recently developed Sure Clamp Access (patent pending) a removable duct section. With new fire damper inspection requirements proper access to dampers create further challenges. It is next to impossible to property maintain fire dampers unless you have adequate access to them, working through a small access door causes a poor quality inspection, with Sure Clamp Access a technician is able to property inspect fire dampers for mandatory requirements while taking less time to make these inspections. Langdon’s removable duct section allows the technician to comply with maintenance requirements. Products like these are testaments to Langdon's commitment to provide the highest quality products for our customers.

      Langdon, Inc. has developed this website containing pictures of fabricated ductwork, fittings and specialty items. If for any reason the items you need are not shown, please fax us a drawing or call. By making you aware of all the areas which we perform work in, we hope that this will qualify Langdon to bid on a broad scope of work.